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Columbia Drive Revitalization Plan

Project Presentation

Phase 2 - Implementation Strategies

Arculus was commissioned by the Port of Kennewick to develop 28 acres of riverfront south of Clover Island in Kennewick, WA. The project encompasses redevelopment of a rundown area into a new mixed-use zone with a park, retail, office buildings, condominiums, residential, and entertainment district. The project includes shoreline restoration, island development, streets, parking, plazas, and water features. Businesses and venues to include: non-franchise restaurants, retail stores, IMAX theater, indoor theater and amphitheater, gondola, ice skating rink and carousel. This project combines many stakeholders in the area to revitalize the Columbia River shoreline, the Bridge-to-Bridge, River-to-Railroad study, and the historic downtown Kennewick area.


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Columbia Drive Revitalization Plan.